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GuardREC® Compliance for WhatsApp

Powerful compliance software for recording WhatsApp calls and instant messages, enabling you to uphold the MiFID II recording requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Automatic compliance recording for WhatsApp

guardREC® Compliance for WhatsApp enables you to record WhatsApp voice and instant messages, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations such as MiFID II, GDPR, etc. The recording is policy-based and can be applied to selected individuals in your organization. These individuals are then automatically recorded as soon as they initiate or take part in a call or chat. 
  • Automatic recording
  • Policy-based recording
  • Easy setup
guardREC Compliance for WhatsApp

Plug and play integration with WhatsApp

guardREC® Compliance for WhatsApp supports recording of all types of calls using WhatsApp along with valuable metadata, whether you prefer using WhatsApp Mobile App, Desktop or Web. 

  • Voice
  • Instant messages
  • Attachments
guardREC Compliance for WhatsApp

Complete separation between private calls and business calls

A wrapped version of WhatsApp is installed on the phone to record calls and chats, enabling complete separation from private WhatsApp calls. 
  • Standard WhatsApp interface and encryption
  • Supports iOS and Android devices
  • Mobile App, WhatsApp Web, Whatsapp Desktop
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Securely stored with guardREC® Compliance

Recorded WhatsApp data are securely stored and accessible in guardREC® Compliance along with valuable metadata. guardREC® Compliance is a centralized compliance solution specifically designed for financial services to support all relevant requirements and regulations. Deploy partly or fully as cloud, on-premise or hybrid solution.

  • Secure & encrypted storage
  • Flexible deployment options; cloud, on-premise or hybrid solution
  • Ensure MiFID II and GDPR compliance
  • Automatic deletion after required retention period
  • Active directory (AD) integration with Single Sign On (SSO) option


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Improve proactive compliance assurance

The guardREC® Compliance solution includes state-of-the-art compliance functionality enabling financial services to assure regulatory compliance in an easier, less complex, and far more cost-effective way. 

  • Global view of all communications data
  • Review queues
  • Risk detections
  • Automatic transcription
  • Compliance dashboard
  • Automatic reporting


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Global oversight of all communications data

Connect additional recording channels to get a complete overview in one place. The guardREC® Compliance solution provides a global view of your communications data, including multiple interchangeable plugins to capture audio, text, screens and video, such as

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Email, SMS, MMS
  • Mobile and Office phones
  • Trade boards
  • Bloomberg, Eikon, WhatsApp


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Global oversight of all communications data with guardREC Compliance

Getting started

The plug-and-play integration with WhatsApp ensures easy setup. Configure the guardREC® Compliance to WhatsApp in three short steps and the synchronization starts. All calls and chats in WhatsApp will automatically be synchronized to guardREC® Compliance and assigned to the correct user.

  • Plug and Play integration with WhatsApp
  • Connect in minutes
  • Automatic synchronization for stored calls and messages
  • Works seamlessly with additional data sources


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guardREC Compliance for WhatsApp


Joachim Thougaard
Compliance Recording Expert
Direct: +47 936 72 823


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Why Choose guardREC®

Robust and Reliable

The guardREC® record ing solution is the most robust and reliable system on the market – providing high stability and ensuring constant compliance. Choose whether to keep your data stored in-house, on-site, or opt for our secure cloud-based storage.

Built-in Connectivity

The future-proof guardREC® recording and replay solution comes with a multitude of built-in integrations with other systems and technologies – giving you unparalleled flexibility when choosing a set-up that covers all your needs.

World Class Customer Support

Our world class customer support team provides you with the security and assistance you need – regardless of where you are located. Quick response times and rapid resolution of critical incidents ensures minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

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