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guardREC® Compliance

A centralized compliance recording solution designed specifically for financial services. 

  • Recording of mobile- and fixed-line phones
  • Recording of email, IMs, and SMS
  • Recording of video
  • Recording of chat (Bloomberg, Eikon, Symphony, WhatsApp) 
  • Recording of Teams (Audio, chat, meetings, and video)


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Microsoft Teams Recording

The guardREC® solution now supports compliance recording for Microsoft Teams, enabling you to easily uphold the recording requirements in compliance with MiFID II 

The guardREC® solution can record:

  • Audio (Calls,  video and meetings)
  • Chat (In call chats, IMs and file shares)
  • Video (Video and screen sharing)


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Microsoft Teams Recording

Proactive compliance

The guardREC® Compliance solution allows you to safely and securely store cross-channel communications data in one centralized system – providing a complete audit trail and ensuring compliance with industry-specific regulations and directives.

The guardREC® solution is compliant with:
  • Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II)
  • Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (Dodd-Frank)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
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Complete cross-channel overview

guardREC® Compliance introduces state-of-the-art features and functionalities allowing for multi-channel recording. A multitude of built-in integrations ensure seamless communication with other systems and technologies – enabling you to easily recontruct trade history. 

guardREC® Compliance solution covers:
  • Voice (Mobile phones, landlines)
  • Text (E-mail, sms and mms)
  • Video (Video Conferencing, Webinars) 
  • Instant Bloomberg, Eikon Messenger, Symphony 


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Optimize your risk-based approach

guardREC® Compliance provides compliance officers with powerful, customizable dashboards and a range of options to highlight vital information – assisting with identifying and managing potential risks and breaches before they have a chance to develop.

  • Built-in Risk Detections
  • Cross-channel searching
  • Powerful Dashboards
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Increased efficiency with Smart Tags

Smart Tags makes compliance work and quality assurance simple and efficient. Spend less time retrieving high risk conversations and more time taking the required actions to ensure a healthy compliance culture within your company.

  • Tag high-risk conversations
  • Tag critical segments within a conversation
  • Search for Smart Tags for easy retrieval
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A smarter way to audit

No more reason to document compliance in external spreadsheets.  GuardREC introduces Compliance Comments, allowing for in-system notetaking and collaboration while auditing. Save valuable time switching between applications, while keeping critical compliance notes within the system - accessible for authorized users only. 

  • Add compliance comments to all types of dialog
  • In-system notetaking while auditing
  • Share and collaborate with authorized users
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Avoid recording of private calls

guardREC® Compliance comes with powerful cross-channel whitelisting features,  making it easy to define what information to record and what not to record. White list “norec” devices and number across communication channels to avoid recording surplus information.

  • Cross-channel whitelisting
  • Global whitelisting
  • Private whitelisting
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Sharing and organizing made easy

Spend less time gathering, retrieving and sharing data. Gather a set of cross-channel dialog in a Case, e.g. for an audit or documenting a complaint. Easy to share in case of authority supervision or client requests.

  • Gather cross-channel dialogs in Cases
  • Share and export
  • Mark for keep
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Configurable access control

Remove the risk of unathorized access with guardREC® Compliance. Ensure that sensitive data are only available to authorized users, depending on the structure of your organization. The system also includes a «Data Life Management» feature to make sure that no recording or other data is stored too long, and tracks who has entered the system and watched, listened to, checked or retrieved any data throughout the entire life cycle.

  • Access restriction management
  • Track and monitor all user activity
  • Ensure GDPR compliance
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Reporting made easy

Compliance reporting can be a time-consuming task. The guardREC® Compliance automated reporting solution provides you with effective, built-in reporting tools, pre-populated templates, and a simple structure allowing you to easily produce and share incident reports with just a few clicks of a button.

  • Pre-populated report templates
  • Scheduled compliance reports
  • Documented compliance
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Why Choose guardREC®

Robust and Reliable

The guardREC® Compliance solution is the most robust and reliable system on the market – providing high stability and ensuring constant compliance. Choose whether to keep your data stored in-house, on-site, or opt for our secure cloud-based storage.

Built-in Connectivity

The future-proof guardREC® recording and replay solution comes with a multitude of built-in integrations with other systems and technologies – giving you unparalleled flexibility when choosing a set-up that covers all your needs.

World Class Customer Support

Our world class customer support team provides you with the security and assistance you need – regardless of where you are located. Quick response times and rapid resolution of critical incidents ensures minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.


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