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The perfect tool for analyzing and investigating incidents. Stay on top of industry regulations and directives with guardREC’s dynamic, customer-driven recording and replay system.

  • An ideal tool for compliance officers
  • Tailored for the Air Traffic Control and Bank & Finance industries
  • Built on the promise of transparency, quality and innovation


ATC Recording Solution

The guardREC® ATC recording solution is a flexible and reliable recording and replay system, tailor-made for the ATC industry, and compliant with its strict standards, requirements and regulations.

  • Stay compliant with industry standards and regulations
  • Record multiple sources simultaneously
  • Experience perfect, synchronous replay
  • Ease the work of investigators
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Compliance for Bank & Finance

The guardREC® Compliance recording solution is a robust data management and recording system currently implemented by some of Europe’s most esteemed banking and financial organizations.

  • Future-proof your compliance work
  • Dive right in with our simple and intuitive interface
  • Tackle errors before they get a chance to develop
  • Automate your reporting process
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Why Choose guardREC®

Robust and Reliable

The guardREC® record ing solution is the most robust and reliable system on the market – providing high stability and ensuring constant compliance. Choose whether to keep your data stored in-house, on-site, or opt for our secure cloud-based storage.

Built-in Connectivity

The future-proof guardREC® recording and replay solution comes with a multitude of built-in integrations with other systems and technologies – giving you unparalleled flexibility when choosing a set-up that covers all your needs.

World Class Customer Support

Our world class customer support team provides you with the security and assistance you need – regardless of where you are located. Quick response times and rapid resolution of critical incidents ensures minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.


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