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Product updates - guardREC® Compliance Jan 2023


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Walkthrough of the latest version of guardREC® Compliance


Date and time: 01 Feb at 09:00 CET

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guardREC® Compliance v2022.11

Jan, 2023

What´s new

  • CSV-import of whitelist
    You can now bulk import contacts from a CSV-file to your whitelist.

  • Whitelist internal Teams meetings
    You can now whitelist a domain, such as “@guardrec.com” enabling you to whitelist internal Teams meetings. If all meeting participants have “@guardrec.com”-domain, the meeting will not be recorded.

  • New design for Audio player
    The audio player is no longer “always there” to give you more space. Instead, it will pop up from the bottom part of the screen when you select a recording.

  • New design for Automatic Transcription
    When you select an audio recording, the transcription will automatically show below the audio player. To read the transcribed text, simply click “View record”. We have also added a search field enabling you to search in the transcription.

  • New design for text-based recording
    When you open text-based recording, such as a chat, sms/mms or email, the reader box pop up from the bottom part of the screen. Simply click “View record” to view the content.

  • New design for Details Panel
    When selecting a recording, the Details Panel will automatically pop up from the bottom right of the screen. The detail panels now include the following tab
    • Comments
    • Metadata
    • Events
    • Audit trail
    • Tags

  • Create new Smart Tags on the fly
    We have made it easier for you to create tags. When adding tags, you can choose to add an existing Smart Tag or create a new one on the fly.

  • Cases have moved to the sidebar
    Cases have now moved to the sidebar to free up even more space. You can hide/expand the case view as you please.

  • Checkboxes and bulk actions
    We have added checkboxes to each recording, making it easier for you to do bulk actions, such as adding multiple recordings to a case, exporting, transcribing etc.

  • Quick actions
    Quick actions for Export, Add to Case and Transcribe are added to the top of the activity view when you single- or bulk select recordings. 

  • Customisable columns
    You can now customize the order and which coloumns to display. 

  • New columns
    You can now add “Device type” as a column, making it easier to see if it’s e.g. a mobile call or Microsoft Teams call.  You also now add “User group” as a column.

  • Audit trail for users
    The audit trail for each user is now accessible in the User Administration.

  • New reports
    • Deleted recordings by retention
    • Manually deleted recordings
    • Counting of recording per device

  • New replay speeds
    You can now replay audio recordings in 2.5x and 3.0x speed

  • Enable disabled user
    You can now enable a disabled user



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