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Microsoft Teams Recording in guardREC® Compliance


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The demand for Microsoft Teams Compliance Recording in line with the MiFID II recording requirements has increased substantially as a result of Covid-19 and home office initiatives. GuardREC is now working full time with Teams integration in collaboration with Microsoft. 


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What can you record with Teams? 

Integration with Teams comes in three variants: 

  • Audio recording (audio fom audio- and video calls and PSTN)
  • Recording of text (IMs, chat and file sharing)
  • Recording of video calls and screen sharing

Teams calls are recorded in the cloud, and no local installation is required. Teams recordings will thus work across locations and countries, as well as all platforms such as mobile app, tablet, PC and browser etc. In addition, Teams recordings also work with external users outside the organization - regardless of the party initiating the conversation.


When will Teams Recording be available in guardREC® Compliance?
GuardREC now working full time with Team Integration in collaboration with Microsoft. Initially, we´ll support audio recording (audio from audio and video calls and PSTN) over Teams. This part of the integration will come in a relatively short time, but depends on Microsoft going live with its preview of the Graph API that we use. Microsoft says that this will happen shortly, but we haven't got a specific date.

As soon as phase 1 is completed, we move on to development of phase 2. This part of the integration will then also support the recording of text (IMs, chat and file sharing). Next, we will embark on the development of Phase 3 which will support the recording and playback of video calls and screen sharing.


Watch now: Teams Compliance Recording webinar


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About GuardREC
GuardREC is a Norwegian Reg Tech company providing leading recording and compliance solutions. The solutions are aimed towards international customers in Banking and Finance and Air Traffic Control. GuardREC has 20 years of experience in development and delivery of security-critical solutions. The recording solutions is specifically designed to help organizations comply with increasingly stringent legal and industrial requirements and regulations. GuardREC is a subsidiary of Hatteland Technology AS and a part of Embron Group.

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