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Why modularity and web-based VoIP recording solutions are the future of ATC

Air Traffic Control

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Rolf Parnemann

Rolf is Director of Sales at GuardREC AS and has extensive experience helping organizations in the ATC industry meet the increasingly demanding requirements they're facing.

While some leading industries, such as banking and finance, are constantly looking to implement new, modern technologies, principles and approaches, air traffic controlling has been more hesitant when it comes to pulling the trigger.

A significant number of airports worldwide still only record audio, and many use parallel recording systems produced by different manufacturers, requiring investigators to manually sync different sources.

Recently, however, we have seen a long-awaited forward shift in the ATC mindset, exemplified by a surge in the demand for screen recording in addition to traditional audio recording.

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Our industry’s most important means of modernization

This growing need for screen recording, in addition to audio, has seen the industry turn to modular IP-based recording systems, which has quickly emerged as the preferred option amongst air traffic controllers and investigators. 

IP connectivity recording solutions are our industry’s most important means of modernization, offering far greater flexibility than outdated proprietary systems.

The IP-based guardREC® recording system, comes with a plethora of benefits:


  • Automatic registration of ED-137 channels simplifies configuration of and upgrades to the current system.
  • ED-137 recording allows for active rather than passive recording.
  • The ability to separate RX and TX allows for better analysis of outgoing audio streams
  • The modular, web-based design allows for quicker and easier implementation of new sources and industry requirements.
  • System extensions require no re-installation, only expanded storage space, interface units and an easily obtainable license file.
  • Most upgrades and expansions do not require an on-site crew, eliminating the costs of manually setting up systems and channels.


In short, IP-based systems take advantage of newer development languages, providing better and greater flexibility, improving cost efficiency and offering far more opportunities than the traditional, outdated systems.


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The benefits of IP-based systems for investigators and technicians

Traditionally, the main focus of recording systems has been to simply to record and play audio sources in synchronism. Today, however, these are standard features we more or less take for granted.

That is why we here at GuardREC aim to raise the bar by offering a recording system that not only does what is expected of it, but also helps make the workday of airport investigators and technicians easier and more efficient. 

So, how exactly is our modular IP-based recording system beneficial to investigators and technicians?



  • All sources are immediately ready for playback
  • Our system has comprehensive analytics tools and a user-friendly interface
  • All functions are available through one single web-based application



  • All configurations and maintenance are made through that same web-based application
  • Your dashboard provides a graphical visualization of all the important parameters within our solution, including alarm status, storage status and channel usage.
  • Upgrades are quicker and easier



Easily expand your current system

Last year we installed our guardREC® recording system at a major international airport. This was a complete system installation that consisted of:


  • 87 audio channels
  • 12 4K screens
  • 12 radar feeds


Our client was very satisfied with the solution and one year later they have already contracted us to expand the system with 50 additional audio channels, 28 additional 4K screens and one additional radar feed.

From a technical point of view system expansion is incredibly easy. Due to the modular and flexible design of our recording solution these new elements and sources will be easily integrated into our client’s current system, without the need for an on-site crew or additional hardware (with the exception of the new 4K screens).

 The only thing needed is a new license file, which can be acquired electronically. The installation itself only takes a few seconds, and new channels are set up automatically as soon as they receive a request from the client.


Access multiple locations from one central hub

 In addition to expanding the existing system our client asked us to implement a separate solution for a different location at the airport.

 This would be an even more extensive system, including:


  • 210 audio channels
  • 85 4K screens
  • 16 radar feeds


One of the major advantages of our recording solution is the ability to have a single replay location where investigators can access and replay communication and feeds from multiple locations.

 Because our system is web-based investigators can replay any source using only an IP-address, and without having to install additional software.


Why choose GuardREC? 

GuardREC is a complete supplier and installer of recording and replay solutions, built upon a foundation of innovation, quality and a dedication to our trade. With extensive knowledge and experience we aim to push the boundaries and guide the ATC industry into the future.

Our guardREC® recording system is primed and ready for future technology, and a virtualized world. Designed to grow and evolve along with the airport, our system is able to implement and adapt to any and all technological advances, equipment and industry standards and regulations we may see in the future.

The guardREC® recording solution offers:


  • Full support for audio (analogue, digital and VoIP), screen, radar and CCTV
  • Modular and flexible architecture
  • Quick and simple configuration, upgrade and expansion
  • Automatic setup of channels and sources
  • Centralized hub serving several locations
  • No third-party interface devices in recording servers
  • Recording-as-a-Service
  • Cloud storage
  • Centralized storage
  • Compliancy with required standards and regulations
  • Synchronized replay
  • Primed for virtualization


Simply put, this is the most modern recording solution available to airports and air traffic controllers today.Discover the world's best recording solution for Air Traffic Control


Brands that trust us

For ATC and Finance compliance officers, guardREC™ is a recording and replay solution that is built on the promise of transparency, quality and innovation. Our technology is trusted by some of the biggest brands and companies in ATC and Bank & Finance:


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