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The challenges of working with an incomplete system

Air Traffic Control

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Rolf Parnemann

Rolf is Director of Sales at GuardREC AS and has extensive experience helping organizations in the ATC industry meet the increasingly demanding requirements they're facing.

Outdated system designs and insufficient monitoring capabilities may limit your employees’ ability to work efficiently within your recording system.

This article is part 2 of the 6-section Technical Whitepaper: Crucial elements to consider when choosing your ATC recording solution

Many ATC professionals note the lack of complete control, access and overview within their recording and replay solutions, mainly due to outdated systems, technical limitations, security holes, or lack of important features.

Such issues, ranging from unauthorized access to data, system outages, and critical data loss to system instability, difficulty detecting failures, and potential errors in synchronism between multiple systems, may cause unnecessary challenges for your ATC staff.


Common shortcomings of recording and replay systems

There are several reasons why your ATC staff may feel like your system lacks completeness. Common challenges and issues are:

  • Outdated system designs and development platforms
  • Insufficient alarms and monitoring capabilities
  • Insufficient access management
  • Unreliable solutions
  • Weak password policies and accompanying cybersecurity issues

These symptoms are all trademarks of recording and replay solutions that fail to keep up with technological developments and industry standards.


Satisfy the needs of your investigators

When selecting your ATC recording and replay solution you should ensure that the system is able to satisfy the needs of your investigators, operators, and controllers – simplifying their workday, giving them a complete overview in any situation, and enabling them to work more efficiently.

Your recording solution vendor should be able to provide:

  • Extensive alarms and monitoring capabilities
  • Up-to-date system design
  • A modern development platform
  • Strong and reliable password policies and other cybersecurity initiatives
  • Customized levels of password policy to ensure protection

Diagnosing your system and identifying areas in need of improvement, or where your needs are not sufficiently satisfied, is always a smart first step when choosing your vendor, and your complete recording and replay solution.

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Brands that trust us

For ATC and Bank & Finance compliance officers, guardREC™ is a recording and replay solution that is built on the promise of transparency, quality and innovation. Our technology is trusted by some of the biggest brands and companies in ATC and Bank & Finance:


Technical Whitepaper

Crucial elements to consider when choosing your ATC recording solution.

Find the optimal recording and replay solution for your needs. This guide is divided into six sections, each highlighting an important subtopic when choosing your recording and replay solution:

  1. Compliance
  2. Completeness
  3. Investigation
  4. Documentation
  5. Expansion and scalability
  6. Cybersecurity


Read the complete technical whitepaper →

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