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Improve investigation with enhanced radar analytics and visualization

Air Traffic Control

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Rolf Parnemann

Rolf is Director of Sales at GuardREC AS and has extensive experience helping organizations in the ATC industry meet the increasingly demanding requirements they're facing.

The guardREC® ATC recording and replay solution gives air safety investigators quicker access to more data and helps improve the accuracy and efficiency of their work.


Few industries match Air Traffic Control in terms of legal and industry requirements, regulations and standards. This is especially true for air safety investigators, who rely on the availability of and easy access to large amounts of data to find important answers – and to satisfy the strict requirements of incident and accident investigation.

For years, air safety investigators have relied on at-the-glass recording, utilizing screen recording and radar feed reconstructions to gain insight into the cause of an accident or incident.

While recording and replay functionality has become an industry standard for ATC systems, some system suppliers still struggle to deliver high-quality solutions for synchronism between sources. Additionally, some systems only record certain sources, forcing investigators to search through several separate systems to collect important information from screen recordings, radar feeds, and audio sources.


Improve investigation with Through-the-Wall functionality

The guardREC® ATC recording and replay solution addresses these challenges and offers investigators easy access to all data sources through one single interface, as well as the ability to replay screen recordings, radar feeds, audio, and CCTV footage in perfect synchronism.


– When we developed our recording and replay solution, our main goal was to make the work of air safety investigators easier, more accurate, and more efficient. Our task is to help investigators to more readily recreate incidents and regularities by giving them quicker access to more information for their reports, says Rolf Parnemann, Director of Sales ATC here at guardREC.

guardREC® ATC helps improve investigation efforts by offering Through-the-Wall recording. The system receives and records data comparable to that of live ATM solutions, giving investigators access to complete data sets and the ability to see outside the box – rather than being limited to what the operator saw on-screen.

TTW recording provides investigators with a more complete picture of the situation and helps clarify situations that may have otherwise gone unsolved.


See everything with enhanced radar analytics

The guardREC® ATC system features the best interactive radar reproduction solution on the market.

– Our system excels at analyzing, organizing, and visualizing radar feed data. Not just the visual data, but also the massive amounts of underlying metadata, says Parnemann.


Investigators can access background maps and airport outlines, see detailed graphs on speed, altitude, distances, etc., pan through the data set and view the complete target path using scenario mode, easily capture images using the area selector, and replay the radar feed with full audio synchronism – all within a single system. See everything and hear everything as the situation unfolds.

One feature that is much appreciated by our customers is the ability to measure distances between multiple pairs of targets simultaneously.

Measure distances between multiple pairs of targets simultaneously - guardREC ATC

– The availability of these features gives investigators more time to perform their tasks, and allows them to process and recreate the situation in a more controlled manner, says Parnemann.

GuardREC recently hosted a webinar on Interactive Replay of Radar data for investigation of radar data, and based on the response we got from our audience the information we shared was an eye-opener. 


High-quality visualization options add a new dimension

To further aid investigators in carrying out their obligation, guardREC® ATC offers a wide range of high-quality visualization tools. Switch flight trails on and off with the click of a button, adjust the opacity to highlight elements of interest, or remove interfering objects completely using filters.

The radar presentation also incorporates a 3D visualization that can be accessed on the fly, adding another dimension to the investigation.

For a complete overview, apply additional target information such as:

  • Climb mode
  • Military Emergency
  • Flight level

Data for selected targets may be exported in .xls or .csv formats for further processing.

Additional target information - guardREC ATC

Meeting the needs of air safety investigators

The guardREC® ATC recording and replay solution is designed to be the ultimate toolbox for air safety investigators. These powerful investigation tools are easy to use and incorporate all necessary features for replay, monitoring, and configuration.

– We know that investigators want easier access to information, higher quality data, and more security in meeting the industry’s strict requirements and regulations. guardREC® ATC aims to satisfy these needs. That’s why we’re constantly improving our platform based on feedback from our customers, concludes Parnemann.


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guardREC® ATC recording solution

The guardREC® ATC recording solution is flexible and reliable, specifically designed for the ATC market to support all relevant requirements and regulations. The guardREC® ATC recording solution sets a new standard in the ATC market and confirms that the recorder platform is built for the future by introducing new state-of-the-art features and functionalities.


About GuardREC AS

GuardREC is a Norwegian Reg Tech company providing leading recording and compliance solutions. The solutions are aimed towards international customers in Banking and Finance and Air Traffic Control. GuardREC has 20 years of experience in development and delivery of security-critical solutions. The recording solutions is specifically designed to help organizations comply with increasingly stringent legal and industrial requirements and regulations. GuardREC is a subsidiary of Hatteland Technology AS and a part of Embron Group.

Brands that trust us

For ATC and Bank & Finance compliance officers, guardREC™ is a recording and replay solution that is built on the promise of transparency, quality and innovation. Our technology is trusted by some of the biggest brands and companies in ATC and Bank & Finance:


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