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Ensuring compliance with ATC standards and regulations

Air Traffic Control

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Rolf Parnemann

Rolf is Director of Sales at GuardREC AS and has extensive experience helping organizations in the ATC industry meet the increasingly demanding requirements they're facing.

Adaptability, flexibility and agility are key factors for ensuring that your recording and replay solution maintains compliance with current and future standards and regulations.

This article is part 1 of the 6-section Technical Whitepaper: Crucial elements to consider when choosing your ATC recording solution

In an ever-evolving regulatory landscape, air traffic controllers and investigators must be able to trust that their recording and replay system is compliant with all relevant standards and regulations, such as CAP 670, EUROCAE ED-111 and ICAO Annex 10, 11 and 13.


Compliance failure affects efficiency and security

Compliance is vital in order to protect data from unauthorized access and staff from unwanted exposure. Systems that fail to adapt to new standards and regulations may negatively affect operations in terms of efficiency and security.

Issues in this area usually stem from choosing a vendor that is unable to, unwilling to, or uninterested in continuously improving and adapting their software to satisfy new standards and requirements.


System adaptability and vendor agility

When investing in an improved recording and replay solution, you should always consider the system’s adaptability to changes in regulation and the vendor’s willingness to make continuous changes, in addition to current regulations and standards.

Ensure that the system provider has a deep knowledge and understanding of compliance, and verify that the solution in question upholds all required standards.

The solution should be designed to allow continuous and seamless upgrades and improvements to stay compliant at all times, and system providers should show high willingness, skill, and agility to satisfy your compliance needs.


Stay ahead of the curve

Good recording and replay solution vendors listen to the needs, input, and feedback from both potential and existing customers. 

At guardREC we aim to stay ahead of the curve, closely monitoring developments in the market and enabling you, the customer, to focus your time and resources on your core business – without worrying about compliance.

Want to learn more about choosing the right recording and replay solution for you?

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Brands that trust us

For ATC and Bank & Finance compliance officers, guardREC™ is a recording and replay solution that is built on the promise of transparency, quality and innovation. Our technology is trusted by some of the biggest brands and companies in ATC and Bank & Finance:


Technical Whitepaper

Crucial elements to consider when choosing your ATC recording solution.

Find the optimal recording and replay solution for your needs. This guide is divided into six sections, each highlighting an important subtopic when choosing your recording and replay solution:

  1. Compliance
  2. Completeness
  3. Investigation
  4. Documentation
  5. Expansion and scalability
  6. Cybersecurity


Read the complete technical whitepaper →

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