Recorder – Compliance

Compliance customers
The guardREC™ compliance recorder is a robust media management and recording system that is implemented at some of the most well-respected banking and financial organisations in Europe.

Our system facilitates corporate compliance with governmental regulations in regards to the voice recording of sensitive data. guardREC™ also excels as a dispute resolution and employee training solution.

Case handling is a powerful tool in the guardREC™ recording solution.  The feature is implemented to enable compliance officers to keep track of calls and other data associated to a specific case.
When all data is gathered the case can be exported to a folder or on e-mail. The case can be deleted or saved for later investigation.

guardREC™ can be installed directly on your company servers, accessed as a cloud-based solution or can be run as a virtual application. Our system’s robust architecture uses redundant
configurations for all implementations to ensure reliability. The recorder solution can be installed over multiple servers, even at different geographical locations to accommodate a complex
installation of regional branches and a central office. Our architecture is very robust and is designed to handle frequent OS and security updates without compromising its integrity or performance.
guardREC™ can also be integrated with Active Directory for user administration purposes.

The guardREC™ solution supports storage of the recorded data

  • at the customer’s premises
  • at a central site
  • in the cloud.

The guardREC™ recording solution supports a variety of environments, which can be combined in a total recording solution.

The environments we support are described in the following datasheets:

Cisco Compatible

Case study: Large scale installation