Recorder – ATC

The guardREC™ ATC recording solution has proven to be a flexible and reliable solution, dedicatedly designed for the ATC market in order to support all relevant requirements and regulations.
A new standard is defined by the guardREC™ ATC recording solution in the ATC-market and confirms that this recorder platform is built for the future by introducing state-of-the-art features and functionalities.


Recording and replay of audio is the basis of the majority of recording solutions delivered. The guardREC™ ATC recording solution supports a variety of audio formats; analogue, digital and VoIP (ED-137b).

Analogue and digital (E1/T1) are interfaced by the guardRECAudio Streamer; please see data sheet here.

Recording of screens is a more and more common requirement in ATC specifications. The guardREC™ ATC recording solution support recording of all screen resolutions and screen topologies.

In order to enable a complete reconstruction of the operator’s environment, recording of the radar feeds provided to the operator is often chosen. Recording and replay of the radar feeds, synchronized with all other recorded sources, are made possible by using the guardREC™ ATC recording solution.

Recording and replay of cameras gives a perfect reconstruction of the environment of the operator, and completes the replay scenario of the safety investigators.

Keyboard strokes and movements are recorded and visualized during replay.


In addition to provide synchronous replay of all recorded sources, the WEB-based user interface enhances the experience by its efficient speed and intuitive features.

The guardREC™ ATC recording solution is based on a modular design which gives many advantages in terms of flexibility, stability, expand-ability and protection of the customer’s investment.


The main goal for GuardREC AS is to provide the market with a recording solution which supports all required sources, and enable perfect synchronous replay of these.
There is no limit of the number of sources recorded in the guardREC™ ATC recording solution.


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